Our 2019 Comic Guest lineup is starting to unfold!

Brian Azzarello

Superstar Writer

Brian Azzarello has been writing comics professionally since the mid-1990s.  He is the author of SPACEMAN, BATMAN: BROKEN CITY and the Harvey and Eisner Award-winning 100 BULLETS, all created in collaboration with artist Eduardo Risso. The New York Times best-selling author's other work for DC Comics includes the titles HELLBLAZER and LOVELESS (both with Marcelo Frusin), SUPERMAN: FOR TOMORROW (with Jim Lee), JOKER, LUTHOR and RORSCHACH  (with Lee Bermejo), COMEDIAN (with J.G. Jones), SGT. ROCK: BETWEEN HELL AND A HARD PLACE (with Joe Kubert),  and most recently the ongoing series WONDER WOMAN (with Cliff Chiang). Azzarello lives in Chicago with his wife, artist Jill Thompson, and twitters @brianazzarello only when he has something to say. 

Rob Denbleyker

Cyanide & Happiness

Rob DenBleyker is an American cartoonist and co-founder of Explosm.net, best known for the international internet phenomenon, Cyanide and Happiness. 

Cyanide and Happiness, is a webcomic written and illustrated by Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick and formerly Matt Melvin, published on their website explosm.net. It was created and started running daily on January 25, 2005. It has appeared on social networking sites such as Myspace, Quora, LiveJournal, and Facebook, where, in April 2006, it had generated more than a million visits per week. The comic's authors attribute its success to its often controversial nature, and the series is noted for its dark humor and sometimes surrealistic approach. Cyanide & Happiness characters were used in the television advertisements for Orange Mobile's Orange Wednesdays.

Mitch Gerads

Mister Miracle / Batman

Mitch Gerads is an Eisner and Ringo Award-winning illustrator who has made a career out of bringing humanity and realism to the superhuman and unreal. He is best known for his critically acclaimed and much lauded work on MISTER MIRACLE, BATMAN, THE SHERIFF OF BABYLON, THE PUNISHER, and THE ACTIVITY. He lives and draws in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and son.

David Finch

Batman Artist

 For almost 20 years David Finch has inspired fans with his raw and gritty art aesthetic.    His comic credentials include creator-owned successes Ascension and Aphrodite IX and main stream hits like Ultimate X-men, New Avengers, Moon Knight and Ultimatum.  In addition to comics, Dave has done work for film, video games and the music industry. Moving to DC Comics in 2010, Dave's used his powerful and emotional artwork to tackle Gotham’s grittiest hero in Batman: Dark Knight.  His work with Geoff Johns on Justice League of America and Forever Evil brought a fresh and exciting perspective to the DC universe of villains.  November of 2014 saw another chapter begin in the career of this artistic phenom when he began working on one of comics’ most iconic characters:  Wonder Woman.   These days Finch’s breathtaking eye for detail can be found bringing the caped crusader to life in the pages of Batman with comic writer Tom King. 



Rico Renzi

Squirrel Girl, Spider-Verse

Rico Renzi is an artist and designer from Washington DC. His work has appeared in Spider-Man: Enter The Spider-Verse, WIRED and Fast Company Magazines, and various publications from D.C., Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Scholastic, Boom Studios, Oni Press and IDW. Best known for his work on Spider-Gwen and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (He is the official "Deadpool's Guide To Super Villains" card artist), he currently colors Goddess Mode, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, and Bitter Root monthly and resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and daughter.

Rudy Obrero

MOTU Artist

Trained in traditional illustration, he began his freelance career in a very competitive advertising market.  Applying his traditional education to advertising, his career began with mainly oil paintings of movie posters such as Never Say Never Again (James Bond), The Postman Always Rings Twice (Jack Nicholson), as well as the early package art for the Heman Masters of the Universe toyline for Mattel.

He is the style guide artist for E.T., Woody Woodpecker, Peter Pan, the Scorpion King, the Mummy Returns, Universal Monsters, Curious George, Sitting Ducks and The Power Rangers.  Rudy’s art has even expanded to other countries as he has done art for businesses in Japan and England.  He designed the exclusive Liberian Millennium Silver Dollar coin.  His recent projects have included posters for The Cat in the Hat, Digimon The Movie, the King Kong collector’s package for Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and more. 


After a rewarding 40-year career of illustrating, Rudy is returning to his roots in real media painting:  loving the feel of the oils on canvas and the freedom to create whatever whim and fancy arises.

Beau Smith

Wynonna Earp Creator

Beau Smith has been writing comic books since 1986. He has written for every major comic book publisher at one time or another. They include DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Eclipse Comics, Dreamwave Studios, Dark Horse Comics and many others. Smith is the creator and owner of such hit series as Wynonna Earp, Parts Unknown, The Black Terror and Cobb. He has also written major video games for Capcom. Smith has been a noted columnist for many entertainment trade publications such as Wizard Magazine, Entertainment Retailing, Comic Book Retailer, Hero Illustrated, Sketch Magazine as well as having one of the most noted columns on the internet called Busted Knuckles. There Smith throws out commentary on all that is manly in comic books and pop culture. Smith attended Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia where he majored in Journalism and Marketing. He has also co-written with the likes of Chuck Dixon and screenwriter Kevin Bernhardt on many other projects

Bob Budiansky

Transformers, Ghost Rider

During a 20-year career at Marvel Comics, Bob Budiansky worked as an editor, illustrator and writer. As an editor, he oversaw titles that included Spider-Man, Daredevil and the Fantastic Four. Beginning in 1990, he oversaw the first 11 sets of Marvel Trading Cards, including the first Marvel Masterpieces set. As an illustrator, he rose to prominence as the cover artist for Ghost Rider, eventually taking over the penciling chores for the entire book. And he created his own his own monthly series, Sleepwalker, which he wrote for almost three years. But Bob is perhaps best known for the work he did on The Transformers.

Bob was the editor on the very first Transformers mini-series in 1984. He followed up that hugely successful four-issue intro by writing most of the next 51 issues of the monthly Transformers comic book. He also named, created character profiles of, and wrote Hasbro packaging copy for approximately 250 Transformers during the first six years of the brand’s existence, and developed story treatments as Hasbro introduced new lines of Transformers. And occasionally he even penciled a Transformers comic book cover or two. In 2010, Hasbro inducted Bob into the inaugural class of the Transformers Hall of Fame.

Bob is no longer active in the comic book industry, but still produces art commissions based on his comic book work.

Steve Mannion

Fearless Dawn Artist

Steve Mannion has been knocking around the Comic Book Industry for years. Probably best known for his FEARLESS DAWN series, Steve has also drawn BATMAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, Eric Powell's HILLBILLY, GALAKTIKON, and SPOOK HOUSE just to name a few. Check him out!

Alexis Ziritt

Out of Step Arts

Alexis Ziritt is originally from Venezuela but has lived in Florida for the past decade. He's been published in Complex Magazine, Heavy Metal, Black Mask Studios, BOOM! Studios and Dark Horse Comics among others. His kung fu is strong.

Dan Mendoza

Zombie Tramp

With a background in animation and a love for comic books, Dan set out to make his own title back in 2009 that contained all the things he loved in pop culture such as Anime, Grindhouse exploitation films, horror movies, and Tokyo shock cinema. He named the comic, “Zombie Tramp”
The book Quickly started to stir up lots of hype and soon became a cult hit.
Zombie Tramp is now on it’s 4th successful year as a monthly series published by Action Lab entertainment. 
But it doesn’t stop there. Dan has also co-created another series under Action Lab that became the highest selling 1st issue for the company, called “Dollface”.
Dan has also started his Venture into self-publishing with his 1st title, Sad Girl Psycho Baby. The project was fully crowd funded in the 1st hour and is well on it’s way to become another smash hit.
Other titles under Dan’s belt are, Penny for your soul (Big Dog Ink), Charismagic (aspen), Vampironica (Archie), Puppet Master (Action Lab), Unnatural (Image), and legendary, Title Lady Death (Coffin Comics).

Gwenda Bond

YA Superstar

Gwenda writes books. Her work includes the Lois Lane series (Fallout, Double Down, and Triple Threat), which brings the iconic comic book character front and center in her own YA novels, and the Cirque American series (Girl on a Wire, graphic novel Girl Over Paris, and Girl in the Shadows), about daredevil heroines who discover magic and mystery lurking under the big top. She also co-writes the the Supernormal Sleuthing Service with her husband author Christopher Rowe. She created Dead Air, a serialized mystery and scripted podcast written with Carrie Ryan and Rachel Caine. Up next? Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds, a prequel to the hit series. She co-hosts the Cult Faves podcast about the strange world of cults and extreme belief.

She has also written for Publishers Weekly, Locus, and the Los Angeles Times, and the ReMade serial. She guest-edited a special YA issue of Subterranean Online (full of excellent stories, which you should go read), and she has been a guest on NPR’s Weekend Edition. She has an MFA in Writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts’ program in writing for children and young adults. But readers of Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet may know her best as everyone’s Dear Aunt Gwenda.

Shawn Gabborin

Action Lab Writer/Editor

Shawn Gabborin is a horror writer, primarily known for his comic work on such titles as Puppet Master, Black Betty, and Dollman Kills The Full Moon Universe. He also serves as Editor in Chief of Action Lab Entertainment."

Billy Tackett

Splatter Art Master

With humble beginnings in rural KY, award winning artist Billy Tackett freelanced tirelessly for 12 years to receive international recognition as an accomplished artist and illustrator. His numerous works include fine art paintings, portraits, and various other commercial illustrations. His work has been seen on National Geographic Channel and showcased in publications such as Horrorhound Magazine, ImagineFX and Harper-Collins' Vampire Art Now.
After publishing over 200 book covers he created his signature piece, Zombie Sam, which is considered to be one of the first "zombie mash-ups" and earns him the title of "Father of the Genre".

Justin Stewart

Show Art Director

Justin Stewart is the rock of the Lexington art scene. If there is anyone who gives the town and the culture more, I don't know that person. Justin is responsible for all of the cool art you see around the convention advertising each year and he is generally just someone that you should all get to know and buy art from! He is one of our biggest supporters and has been since day 1 when everyone else thought I was nuts... Oh, he also does some badass color work for Marvel and Image now and then and likes to take pictures with dogs.

Mike Okamoto

Atomic Age

Mike Okamoto has been illustrating for some 30+ years.  

In 1990 he realized a dream when he had the honor of working with Al Williamson on the graphic novel series Atomic Age for the Marvel Epic line of comics.  The four issue series was created and written by good buddy, Frank Lovece, pencilled by Mike, and inked by Mr. Williamson..

In 1992, he won the prestigious Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award  for his painted work and storytelling skills on the Innovation Comics adaptation of Piers Anthony's classic Science Fiction novel On a Pale Horse at that year's San Diego Comic Con.In 1999-2004, 2006 (plus 2000 Outstanding Achievment for Illustration), he won the International Network of Golf Illustrator of the Year Award for his work in Golf Illustrated!


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Tressina Bowling

Copic Color Crackerjack

Tressina Bowling is a Kentucky born self taught artist who excels in creating vibrant work with Copic markers, color pencils and watercolors. Her published work can be found in books for Aw Yeah Comics, Action Lab, Kentucky Kaiju and the upcoming new CASH + CARRIE Book 2.

Shawn Pryor

Action Lab Creator

Shawn Pryor is the creator and co-writer of the all-ages graphic novel mystery series CASH & CARRIE, writer of KENTUCKY KAIJU, and writer and co-creator of the football/drama series FORCE. He is one of the co-founders of Action Lab Entertainment and currently serves as their President of Creative Relations.

In his free time, he enjoys reading, cooking, listening to streaming music playlists, and talking about why Zack from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is the greatest Black superhero of all-time!






Nicole D'Andria

Action Lab Crew

Nicole D'Andria is Action Lab Entertainment’s Marketing Director and Submissions Editor. She adapts the Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir television show to comics and co-writes DollFace. She’s also adapted Peter David’s novel Artful to comics. Nicole edits numerous comic books for Action Lab, from Action Lab: Dog of Wonder to Zombie Tramp. Outside of Action Lab, she writes comic book related articles for Comic Frontline (including her Kickstarter showcase series “Kickstart the Week”), works as a freelance editor and is currently writing her own comic book series, Road Trip to Hell.

Rusty Shackles

Video Game Art

Rusty is the Retrogaming artist of InsertQuarterBin and Paletteswap, HG101 cover guy; He is also an HK film and thrash metal enthusiast. Last but not least, he needs to add a complete bio to his list of "things to do"...


Rusty is currently working on an awesome design for one of our 2018 Convention T-Shirts!

Jamie Snell

Freelance Artist

Jamie is a freelance illustrator who can do just about anything you need. From penciling and inking, to paints, to sculpting, to etching, etc. Working on various sketch card sets from Topps, Posters for LFL and Acme Archives: Celebrations V and the 30th Anniversary of ESB. He has also worked for IDW publishing doing various covers for IDW's Godzilla #1 and various characters for the Transformers Beastwars Source book.

Guest Terms & Conditions


All guest appearances are confirmed but guest schedules are always subject to change. We will NOT guarantee appearances but we will always try to tell you in advance of any changes to the guest line-up.


Most guests will charge a nominal fee for autographs and those fees are at the sole discretion of the particular guest in question. In general they will range from free all the way up to $100 per autograph. We DO NOT set, monitor or control pricing of autographs.


All guests are scheduled to appear all three days unless noted but signing times may vary. These times are set almost on the fly as demand dictates. (i.e. if a star has no line, they may take lunch and when the line builds up, they may come back..)


Photos are also at the sole discretion of each guest. Some may allow in booth photos, others may not.



If you have any questions please email us!



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