Our 2018 Creator guest lineup is almost complete!

Neal Adams

Comic Legend

Neal Adams is an American Comic book Writer, Artist, Publisher, and Producer. Neal has had a major impact on Comic Books, as an industry, as well as being a premiere creative force.
He has worked on legendary runs of Batman, X-Men, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, Avengers, Deadman and many more. His publishing company Continuity Comics published successful titles like Megalith, Armor and Bucky O'Hare. Many of the characters and storylines Neal created have been in recent Batman Movies, X-Men movies and even The Batman Lego Movie. Neal's co-creation, Ra's Al Ghul, appears in Batman movies as well as “Arrow” and "Gotham" TV shows. "Arrow" (re-created by Adams), also features another character Neal created "Merlyn". Ra's Al Ghul and ManBat show up in video games all the time. Havok, a major X-Men character, has been featured prominently
in X-Men movies, as well as other mutants Neal has created, prominent among which is Sauron.

* Catch Neal on AMC “Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics”, Season 1 episode 3 “The Trials of Superman”.

Neal is currently working on a 6-part “Deadman” series, continuing a storyline and a character that he worked on years ago and that series will be carried into a “Batman/Deadman” crossover series right after that. In addition, Neal will be creating “variant” top-selling covers for all the major Comic Companies this year. Keep your eyes out for these! He has also decided to work on one of his own characters, Armor, that he published previously. He will be doing a major Kickstarter for his Armor Epic in the coming month. 2018 is a Big Year for Neal Adams.

Bucky O Hare has been licensed from Neal by Bossfight Studios for a high-end collectible line of toys. Some are out now!!!!!! They have already been reviewed as some of the best high-end collectable toys for 2018. Some are out now!!!!

If you are interested in commissioning Neal for a Convention sketch or if you would like to buy a published original piece of comic art, please
contact Jason at spyda@spydacreations.com and he will help you out with that.

Greg Capullo

Batman / Metal Artist

Gregory "Greg" Capullo is an American comic book artist and penciller, best known for his work on Quasar, X-Force, Angela, Spawn and Batman. Greg Capullo has also published his own creator-owned comics, Reborn & The Creech, published through Image Comics. He is currently working on the best selling DC Comics Event Dark Knights Metal with Scott Snyder.

Michael Golden

Comic Legend

Artist/writer/creator Michael Golden, is a legend in the comic book industry, but one that has never stopped adding to his legacy as a storytelling professional. Co-creator of the X-men's Rogue character, Spartan X and Bucky O'Hare, Michael is known worldwide for his groundbreaking work on "The 'Nam," "Micronauts," "G.I. Joe Yearbook," and "Dr. Strange, " among MUCH more, and is counted as one of the best cover designers and illustrators in the business.

Golden's work can be seen on covers from "The Walking Dead," the new Marvel "Civil War," the new "Rom," the new "Micronauts," "Spawn," "Nightwing", "Iron Man", "Heroes for Hire", "Exiles," "Demon's Regret," "Spiderman," "Vampirella," "Captain American," "The Punisher" to "The Hulk," as well as numerous other titles, for about every company out there. His zombie art if routinely used in conjunction with popular properties on TV and in print.

It's no wonder that Golden has been one of the most influential creators around for the last several decades:
Recent books covering the colorful life and amazing art of Michael Golden include a Manga version of the "Bucky O'Hare" series, as well as the top selling art retrospective "Excess: The Art of Michael Golden," written by Renee Witterstaetter, which sold out and has gone into a second printing, as well as his recent sketchbooks "Heroes and Villains," "MORE Heroes and Villains, " and "Michael Golden: Alchemy." 
His newest art book, currently being offered at 2018 shows is: "Michael Golden: Dangerous Curves." 
Michael has served as an Editor at DC Comics as well as Senior Art Director at Marvel Comics, and has worked on scores of movie production projects, some currently in development. His art has been the focus of gallery shows in places as diverse as Gijon, Barcelona, New York, Antwerp and Brussels, while his class on storytelling has been conducted from Spain to Brussels to France to Canada to the United States... and most recently China.
He has recently been awarded with Lifetime Achievement Awards from The University of Maryland Eastern Shore and the Lille Arts Festival. with gallery shows of his work in Spain, New York, Maryland and Moscow, and many points in between.

Jim Steranko

Comic Legend

JIM STERANKO has cut a ferocious path through the entertainment arts, with a dozen successful careers to his credit: author, magician, illustrator, escape artist, historian. He is cited as one of the prime architects of Marvel Comics and the co-creator of NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. He also wrote and drew CAPTAIN AMERICA, THE HULK, SUPERMAN, and THE X-MEN (for which he designed the classic title logo); generated more than 150 original storytelling devices and techniques that changed the direction of the comics’ medium; and evolved a devoted cult of followers who have nicknamed him The Innovator. WIZARD magazine credits Steranko as the 5th Most Influential Artist in the history of the form. 
He has painted a multitude of movie posters, record albums, and book covers; and in 1975, created RED TIDE, the First Modern Graphic Novel. As the editor-publisher of the international newsstand entertainment magazine PREVUE, he conducted hundreds of superstar interviews and penned more than three million words. He numbers among his friends and associates writers Mickey Spillane, Arthur C. Clarke, and Ray Bradbury; the animation giants Ralph Bakshi and Shamus Culhane; and directors Federico Fellini, John Huston, and Orson Welles.
As a musician, he gigged with Bill Haley in the early days of rock 'n' roll; as a pop-culture icon, he has appeared at more than 350 international events and exhibited his work worldwide, including at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC and the Louvre in Paris; his two volumes of THE HISTORY OF COMICS have sold more than 100,000 copies each; as an escape artist, his death-defying performances inspired the character Mister Miracle and, according to Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Michael Chabon, he was the man upon which the protagonist of THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF KAVALIER & KLAY was based; and more—photographer, ad agency art director, sideshow fire-eater, male model, typographer, designer...the list goes on.









Donny Cates

Marvel Writer

Donny Cates studied sequential art at the Savannah College of Art and Design. He then got an internship for Marvel Comics, working in the New York editorial office for their Ultimates line. His first title, Hunter Quaid, was published in Dark Horse's anthology, Dark Horse Presents. He also wrote Buzzkill which was published by Dark Horse Comics in 2013. The author lives in Austin, TX. He is Currently the author on the current Thanos Series as well as Dr Strange.

Peter Tomasi

Action Comics Writer

Peter J. Tomasi is an American comic book editor and writer, best known for his work for DC Comics. As an editor, he oversaw numerous comic books featuring the Justice League, including series starring various members of that team such as Batman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern and the Flash. As a writer, he has written titles featuring Batman-related characters, such as Batman and Robin and The Outsiders, and Green Lantern-related series such as "Blackest Night", Brightest Day and Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors. He currently works as the author for DC Comics Superman Rebirth. 

Jim Shooter

Legendary Editor

Jim Shooter started writing Superman and other titles for DC Comics at the age of 13 in 1965. He worked his way through high school writing stories, laying out pages and designing covers.

He was hired by Marvel Comics in 1976 as associate editor and in 1978 became Editor in Chief. He introduced benefits, royalties and other incentives for creators that attracted a legion of phenomenal talents who, under his oversight, authored a decade of brilliant creativity and unparalleled success. Jim wrote several notable series including the Avengers and Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars. He also headed up the creative teams that developed G.I. Joe and Transformers.

Jim went on to found Voyager Communications in 1989, where he was the CEO and President. He also served as Editor in Chief, principal creator, head writer and occasional artist for the highly acclaimed comics published under the VALIANT imprint, which included Magnus Robot Fighter, Solar Man of the Atom, Harbinger, X-O Manowar, UNITY and more.

Later, Jim founded DEFIANT and Broadway Comics. At each of these he served as CEO, Editor in Chief and principal creator. DEFIANT properties include Warriors of Plasm and Dark Dominion. Broadway stars include Star Seed, Fatale and Knights on Broadway.

Jae Lee

Amazing Cover Artist

Jae Lee started his career illustrating a Beast story arc for Marvel in Marvel Comics Presents #85-92 in 1991. His first major project was a 13 issue story arc on Namor, The Sub-Mariner in 1992 taking over the art duties from John Byrne who continued on the book as writer. Lee remained the artist on this title from issue #26-38. He also worked on X-Factor as penciller, being one of the artists of the "X-Cutioner's Song" story arc which ran through the X-Men titles in 1992.

In 2007 Lee started working on Marvel Comics The Dark Tower comic book series with artist Richard Isanove and writers Robin Furth and Peter David. The Dark Tower comics are based on Stephen Kings novels with the same name. Lee illustrated the first three miniseries: Gunslinger Born, The Long Road Home and Treachery. He also worked on the fifth book, Battle of Jericho Hill and the one-shot in 2013, Sheemie's Tale.

Later in 2012 Lee worked on the Before Watchmen project, illustrating the miniseries Ozymandias written by Len Wein. He also started to illustrate Batman/Superman in 2013, working on the title with writer Greg Pak until issue #15 in 2014. He is focusing mostly on cover art since, illustrating the covers of titles like Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Catwoman, Batman Eternal and Action Comics.





Dan Mendoza

Zombie Tramp Creator

With a background in animation and a love for comic books, Dan set out to make his own title back in 2009 that contained all the things he loved in pop culture such as Anime, Grindhouse exploitation films, horror movies, and Tokyo shock cinema. 
He named the comic, ͞Zombie Tramp͟.

To much surprise, the book started to stir up lots of hype and soon became a cult hit. Zombie Tramp is now on it’s 3rd successful year as a monthly series published by Action Lab entertainment. But it doesn’t stop there. Dan has also co-created another series under Action Lab that became the highest selling 1st issue for the company, called ͞Dollface͟. Dan has also started his Venture into self-publishing with his 1st title, Sad Girl Psycho Baby. The project was fully crowd funded in the 1st hour, and is well on it’s way to become another smash hit.

Dave Dorman

Star Wars Artist

Dave Dorman has been a freelance illustrator for more than 35 years. Beginning with his first published piece as a cover to HEAVY METAL Magazine, Dorman has had the pleasure to work with almost every major comics company as well as numerous game, toy, and film companies. These include Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse comics, Hasbro Toys, 20th Century Fox, and LucasFilm. Dorman's relationship with Lucasfilm began 25 years ago with both of it's famous properties, Indiana Jones and Star Wars. A relationship that continues today. Dorman is the winner of both the Eisner award and the prestigious INK POT award, given for lifetime achievement in the comics and illustration field, and continues currently to product new art.




Kyle Higgins

MMPR Writer

Kyle Higgins is an American comic book writer and film director. He is best known for his work on the Batman franchise at DC Comics and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers franchise at Boom!




















James OBarr

The Crow Writer

James OBarr was born in a trailer in Detroit just in time to see Marilyn Monroe and John Kennedy die,but claims no responsibility for either. He spent his first seven years in an orphanage and foster care and as such had poor communication skills. When he was adopted he brought along his crayons and has been using them ever since. 
While stationed in Berlin in the late 70's he created The Crow as an attempt to deal with the death of his fiance at the hands of a drunk driver. It took nearly ten years to finish and no publisher was interested in it until, on a whim, Caliber published the first issue in 1989. It is currently the best selling independent graphic novel of all time at over 3/4 of a million copies sold, though he is not rich by any means.
In 1993 his book was adapted into the cult film of the same name starring Brandon Lee.


JSA / X-Factor

Buzz is a comic book artist known for his work on JSA, ATOMIKA, VAMPIRELLA, LUNA, X-FACTOR, IMPULSE, and many more.
A very popular and sought after commission artist among the art collectors and the comic-book convention circuit.
 Buzz is also a multi-EMMY award winning commercial artist who has worked with CBS, FOX, Los Angeles LAKERS and The United States Marine Corp.
Buzz is currently working with Comic art legend Neal Adams on several special projects for DC comics and more.

Joel Adams


Joel the eldest son of famed comic book legend Neal Adams, graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York, in 1988, and moved to Los Angeles to work at Neal’s west coast offices of Continuity Studios. While at Continuity, he dabbled in comic books helping out on Continuity titles such as “Ms Mystic,” and “Bucky O’Hare.”. Outside of Continuity he did covers for Alpha Productions “Blood Thirst” and penciled for Penthouse Comix' “Young Captain Adventure”.

In 1996, Joel went Marvel Animation to do all the character design for “The Hulk: Animated series.”. From there he went to FOX/Film Roman to Design the Emmy Award winning “King of the Hill”, then to FOX Family to Design “Nascar Racers”.

While working for animation companies, Joel was picked up for all of the licensing art for these shows and others by the licensing companies handling them. Joel’s art has appeared on products from: The Hulk, Nascar Racers, King of the Hill, Captain Scarlet, The Mask(Animation), Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, Power Rangers: Light Speed Rescue, Power Rangers: Wild Force, Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire, and more… 

Andrew Maclean

Head Lopper Creator

Massachusetts based creator Andrew MacLean is the writer and artist of Image's HEAD LOPPER and Dark Horse's ApocalyptiGirl. He's also worked on Marvel's Thor, DC's Young Animal's imprint, Oni Press' Rick and Morty and others

Beau Smith

Wynona Earp Creator

Beau Smith is the writer and creator of the current hit TV Series Wynonna Earp on the SyFy Channel as well as the critically acclaimed and current hit comic book series, Wynonna Earp.

Beau has written comic books, screenplays, video games, business, entertainment and opinion columns for 30 years. He has worked for such publishers as DC Comics, Eclipse Comics, Image Comics, Moonstone Publishing, IDW Publishing, Crusade Fine Arts, Capcom Video Games, Wizard Magazine, The Comics Buyer's Guide, Entertainment Retailing, Comic Book Business, Busted Knuckles and Impact-The Global Entertainment Magazine. He has written such comic books as 24: Cold Warriors, Wolverine vs. Shi, Star Wars, Wynonna Earp, The Black Terror, Spawn, Parts Unknown, Cobb: Off The Leash, Batman, Catwoman, Wildcat, Guy Gardner: Warrior, Green Lantern, The Undertaker for WWE, 9/11, Wonder Woman, B’Wana Beast and more.

Beau has created and owns such properties as Wynonna Earp (New TV Series on SyFy Channel April 2016) Parts Unknown (Has been optioned for a feature film), Cobb: Off The Leash, (Optioned for TV) The Black Terror, The BadLander, Primate: The Sword Of Darwin, Maximum Jack, Lost & Found, Werewolves: Dead Moon Rising and has just released No Guts, No Glory: How To Market Yourself In Comics.

Beau is a regular writer of columns on pop culture and comic books for Impact: The Global Action Entertainment Magazine, The Comics Buyer’s Guide, Wizard Magazine, Sketch Magazine, Busted Knuckles, Westfield Comics and Comic Book Retailer



Jeff Dekal


Jeff Dekal is a freelance illustrator who was born and raised in South Florida. The introduction to graffiti while he was in high school gave the first serious meaning to Jeff’s art and is also where he adopted his alias, Dekal. After being educated about art history in college, he was inspired to stray from the characters and letters of graffiti and focus more on figurative art. Jeff is currently working in the comic industry as a cover artist. His clients include Marvel, Creature Entertainment, and Dark Horse.

Kyle Starks

Sexcastle Creator

Do you like RICK AND MORTY? Kyle Starks has been writing and occasionally illustrating Oni Press RICK AND MORTY for the last year and is slated to be the ongoing writer for a long time coming. 
Kyle is an Eisner Nominated comic creator who is currently working on the critically acclaimed ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN from Image Comics. If you're a fan of Rick and Morty style you'll love his other work, like SEXCASTLE from Image Comics which was optioned for film by the Russo Brothers or any of his other recent publications like KILL THEM ALL (Oni Press) or DEAD OF WINTER (Oni Press). Kyle has also contributed to UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL, INVADER ZIM and a bunch of other stuff he's been doing this for awhile.


Mike Huddleston

The Strain Artist

Huddleston started working in comics in the mid-nineties at the age of 21, doing creator-owned projects for Spoon Ink and Caliber, as well as some work for DC Comics, including a short run on Deathstroke with Marv Wolfman up until the title's cancellation. He later called this initial two-year stint a "false start", which prompted him to leave mainstream comics to join Jim Mahfood's 40 Oz Comics studio. Huddleston returned in 2000 with the creator-owned The Coffin for Oni Press, written by Phil Hester. Since then, Huddleston worked for independent publishers, Marvel and DC Comics, as well as latter's Vertigo and Wildstorm imprints, including lengthy runs on Harley Quinn with A. J. Lieberman and Gen¹³ with Scott Beatty and creator-owned mini-series such as Mnemovore with Ray Fawkes and Hans Rodionoff and Deep Sleeper, again with Phil Hester.

From 2011 to 2015 Huddleston worked as the artist of the comic adaptation of Guillermo del Toro's The Strain trilogy with David Lapham as the writer and del Toro as the consultant. Reportedly, del Toro liked Huddleston's approach to design so much that it influenced the way he approached the eventual TV adaptation of the book, as well as the overall development of The Strain universe.

Trevor Von Eeden

Comic Superstar!

Trevor Von Eeden's comic book career began at age 16, when DC Comics editor Jack C. Harris hired him to illustrate prototype assignments with the "Legion of Super-Heroes" and Weird War Tales. Soon after, Von Eeden was officially hired to design and draw the company's first African-American superhero to have his own title, Black Lightning.

In 1977, he began drawing the "Green Arrow" backup feature in World's Finest Comics and co-created the Count Vertigo character with Gerry Conway in World's Finest Comics #251 (July 1978). Von Eeden recalled in a 2011 interview that he "worked for Neal [Adams] concurrent with my DC tenure--starting in 1978, until somewhere in the late '90s". He moved to Marvel Comics in 1979 and 1980 and pencilled Power Man and Iron Fist and Spider-Woman.

He then returned to DC and once again drew the "Green Arrow" feature in World's Finest Comics and later in Detective Comics as well. In collaboration with writer Mike W. Barr, he crafted Batman Annual #8 (1982) and a Green Arrow miniseries. Von Eeden has noted that the Batman Annual is "the book I’m most proud of, in my 25 year career at DC Comics. I was able to ink it myself, and also got my girlfriend at the time, Lynn Varley, to colour it - her first job in comics."

Shawn Pryor

Action Lab Crew

Shawn Pryor is the creator and co-writer of the all-ages graphic novel mystery series CASH & CARRIE, writer of KENTUCKY KAIJU, and writer and co-creator of the football/drama series FORCE. He is one of the co-founders of Action Lab Entertainment and currently serves as their President of Creative Relations. In his free time, he enjoys reading, cooking, listening to streaming music playlists, and talking about why Zack from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is the greatest Black superhero of all-time.

Ray-Anthony Height

Action Lab Crew

Ray-Anthony Height is a freelance comic illustrator, storyboard artist, & creator. He's worked for Marvel Comics, Marvel Animation, Viz Media, Hasbro, Lion Forge, and Image Comics. He is the creator of Midnight Tiger at Action Lab Entertainment, part of their Actionverse superhero continuity. His credits include X-Men: Blue, Amazing Spider-Man, Fear Itself: Fearsome Foursome, Spider-Girl, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur and Powerman: Shadowlands for Marvel, Grimm Fairy Tales for Zenescope, Redaki and Monsuno for Viz Media, Critically Acclaimed SUPERB for Lion Forge

Shawn Gabborin

Action Lab Crew

Shawn Gabborin started writing horror comics in 2004. In 2010, he cofounded Action Lab Entertainment with a handful of fellow indie creators, and has served as Editor in Chief since the formation of the company. Over the years, he has written several titles for Action Lab, including their first comic series Fracture, the horror one-shot Snowed In, and a 25 issue run on the Puppet Master comic, based on the Full Moon film franchise. 2018 saw the debut of his newest title, Black Betty! Website: actionlabcomics.com

Erica Schultz

Action Lab Crew

Erica Schultz is an American comic book writer, letterer and editor best known for her writing on Charmed and tie-ins for the Swords of Sorrow crossover series (Dynamite Entertainment). In 2012, her creator owned book, M3, won the Best Comic Book award at the Burbank International Film Festival with co-creator, Vicente Alcázar. Since then, Schultz has written for both Marvel and DC Comics, as well as other publishers and was a member of DC Comics' New Talent Workshop in 2016. 












Stuart Sayger

Moody Atmospheric Art!

Stuart Sayger has produced art for the "Superman Man of Steel" movie and "The Walking Dead". Recent published projects include: "Rom" and "Micronauts" for IDW, Graphic novels of the movies "Krampus" and "Trick R Treat". Other IDW comics I drew include: "The X-Files", "30-Days of Night," "Robert Rodriguez's Machete," and "Bram Stoker's Death Ship." Plus a two- year run drawing "Lego Bionicle" for DC comics. Sayger has even produced promotional art for the Portland Trailblazers!

Gavin Smith

Freelance Artist

Gavin Smith is a freelance artist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is the artist for "The Accelerators" for Blue Juice Comics and has recently completed a story for "68" for Image Comics. He also worked on motion comics for AT&T, A horror adaptation of "Pop Goes the Weasel" for Line Webtoon, "Graves" for Starburns Industries, "Charge" A prequel comic to the independent cult movie "All Superheroes Must Die", cover artist for "Action Lab Entertainment, and has provided ghosting duties on backgrounds and inks for several other comic books. In 2012 created and self published his own comic book "Human City". He is also a 2011 graduate of the Joe Kubert School.

Rusty Shackles

Video Game Art

Rusty is the Retrogaming artist of InsertQuarterBin and Paletteswap, HG101 cover guy; He is also an HK film and thrash metal enthusiast. Last but not least, he needs to add a complete bio to his list of "things to do"...


Rusty is currently working on an awesome design for one of our 2018 Convention T-Shirts!

Justin Stewart

LCTC Super Art Guy

Justin Stewart is a graphic designer and illustrator who's done work for Disney, Marvel, Sony, Image Comics, and Graphitti Designs. He is currently the art director for Apex Book Company. Justin's latest work, 'Kentucky Kaiju' is available at apexbookcompany.com and on Amazon. Justin has also worked with artist Jim Mahfood for over 10 years, coloring his art most recently on 'Grrl Scouts: Magic Socks' from Image Comics. He also worked with Jim on IDW's 'Miami Vice: Remix', Marvel's 'Howard the Human', and Image Comics 'Marijuanaman' with musician Ziggy Marley. See more at justin3000.com.


Justin is and has been LCTCs official event artist for the last 5 years. He has been responsible for the art on all of the magnificent banners and such that we have displayed at the convention!



On Site Submissions

CBCS will be on site all weekend to accept submissions for grading your favorite books! They will also do signiture witnessing!

Jamie Snell

Freelance Artist

Jamie is a freelance illustrator who can do just about anything you need. From penciling and inking, to paints, to sculpting, to etching, etc. Working on various sketch card sets from Topps, Posters for LFL and Acme Archives: Celebrations V and the 30th Anniversary of ESB. He has also worked for IDW publishing doing various covers for IDW's Godzilla #1 and various characters for the Transformers Beastwars Source book.

Tony Miello

Freelance Artist

Tony is a freelance cartoonist and illustrator.  He is the creator of the comic strip GAPO the Clown which has appeared on the web since 2004 and is currently published by Caliber Comics. He has worked on comic's based on the popular cable television shows "Who Wants To Be A Superhero" and "Wolfman Mac's Chiller Drive-In" and has provided art for trading card companies Upper Deck, Breygent Marketing, Cryptozoic Entertainment and Topps on licensed proprieties from Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics and LucasFilm. Tony is one of the co-founders of Rocket Ink Studios where he has worked on Portraits Of Poe and trading cards for the licenced property Matt Busch's Hollywood Is Dead. Rocket Ink Studios will soon be publishing Odd Tales From The Curio Shop which will star Brian O'Halloran.

Renee Witterstaetter

Writer, Editor, Colorist

Writer, editor, and color-artist Renee Witterstaetter is the author of "Nick Cardy: The Aritst at War," "Excess: The Art of Michael Golden," "Tex: The Art or Mark Texeira," the children's book "Kerry and the Scary Things," "Dying for Action: The Life and Films of Jackie Chan," and "Nick Cardy: Wit-Lash" among many others. 
Renee began the comic phase of her career working on such titles as "Guardians of the Galaxy," "Superman," "Silver Surfer," "Conan The Barbarian," "The Punisher" special projects, and "Conan Saga," then going on to spearhead the reintroduction of "She-Hulk," at Marvel as well, as part of that legendary run.

She then moved to Topps Comics where she was the editor on "X-Files," "Jurassic Park," "Xena" and "Hercules" and is the co-creator—with Jackie Chan and artist Michael Golden-- of the successful series, "Spartan X" which will be made into a trade paperback featuring new material.

She is also the colorist on hundreds of comics from "The Avengers" to "Spider-man" to "Captain America" to "Jurassic Park," among many, many others.


Chris Schweizer

Crogan Adventures

Chris Schweizer is the three-time Eisner Award nominated cartoonist behind THE CREEPS and the CROGAN ADVENTURES graphic novel series. He also wrote the Disney's PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN ongoing series and was the colorist for Kyle Starks's ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN. Most recently he finished a graphic novel about car maintenance for First Second Books and lives in rural western Kentucky where he splits his time between his family, writing and drawing a nonfiction history graphic novel about the lost colony of Roanoke, and drawing historical stuff that he posts on twitter and Patreon.

Jaimie Filer

Tiki Bot

  • Jaimie wanted to grow up, and be a Himalayan Yeti. To his dismay, that dream never came true. So in his pain, he picked up a pen, and began to draw. His art has been in national magazines, books, and private collections as far as Germany. He's drawn promotional work for a multitude of bands, and created murals for night clubs. He's made insane comics, covered soccer moms with colorful tattoo sleeves, and stickered his tags across state lines. But still, on soft quiet nights, he can hear the deep bellow, of the sweet Yetis call.


Guest Terms & Conditions


All guest appearances are confirmed but guest schedules are always subject to change. We will NOT guarantee appearances but we will always try to tell you in advance of any changes to the guest line-up.


Most guests will charge a nominal fee for autographs and those fees are at the sole discretion of the particular guest in question. In general they will range from free all the way up to $75 per autograph. We DO NOT set, monitor or control pricing of autographs.


All guests are scheduled to appear all three days unless noted but signing times may vary. These times are set almost on the fly as demand dictates. (i.e. if a star has no line, they may take lunch and when the line builds up, they may come back..)


Photos are also at the sole discretion of each guest. Some may allow in booth photos, others may not.


Froggy's photos will be on site for professional photo ops this year, most of the celebrities will be available for these at a cost of $25 and up per 8x10 - A full schedule of photo ops and information on how to purchase phot ops will be available by mid February 2018. Please stay tuned!