Our 2019 Media Guest lineup is almost complete!

Val Kilmer - Fri/Sat/Sun


Batman Forever / Tombstone

Originally a stage actor, Kilmer became popular in the mid-1980s after a string of appearances in comedy films, starting with Top Secret!, then the cult classic Real Genius, as well as the military action film Top Gun, the fantasy film Willow, and Doc Holliday in Tombstone.
Some of his other notable film roles include Jim Morrison in The Doors, "Mentor" Elvis Presley in True Romance, armed robber Chris Shiherlis in Heat, Bruce Wayne / Batman in Batman Forever, Simon Templar in The Saint , and Moses in Prince Of Egypt.
During a brief hiatus, he backpacked throughout Europe before going on to play the lead character in the 1985 comedy Real Genius. He turned down a role in David Lynch's Blue Velvet before being cast as naval aviator "Iceman" in the action film Top Gun alongside Tom Cruise. Top Gun grossed a total of $344,700,000 worldwide and made Kilmer a major star. Following roles in the television films The Murders in the Rue Morgue and The Man Who Broke 1,000 Chains, Kilmer played Madmartigan in the fantasy Willow .
In December 1993, Batman Forever director Joel Schumacher had seen Tombstone and was most impressed with Kilmer's performance as Doc Holliday. Schumacher felt him to be perfect for the role of Batman, though at the time, the role was still Michael Keaton's. In July 1994, Keaton decided not to return for a third Batman film after 1992's Batman Returns, due to "creative differences". Kilmer took the role without even reading the script.


Val will be attending Fri/Sat/Sun!

Billie Piper - Sat/Sun


Rose Tyler

Billie Piper became a household name after two years playing the nation's favorite companion in the hit relaunch of 'Doctor Who'. She has now established herself as one of the world's most critically acclaimed and awarded actors.


11 million people tuned in to see the BBC relaunch of 'Doctor Who', with Billie Piper as the feisty companion, Rose Tyler. Despite initial predictions, the show was an enormous success, consistently pulling in record ratings and picking up countless awards. Billie was universally hailed; every poll placed her as the most popular Doctor Who companion of all time and 'Best Actress' awards began to pile up. After two series, Billie decided it was time to move on, but has returned frequently for special appearances such as the show's 50th Anniversary - one of the most successful live events in cinema history, after selling out worldwide in more than 1,500 cinemas.


More recently, Piper has taken to the stage. She has starred in five plays and picked up numerous Best Actress awards, most notably a Laurence Olivier Award for her performance in Yerma. She went on to pick up a total of six Best Actress awards for that one performance, including the Olivier Award, making Piper the only actor to have picked up six out of an available six Best Actress awards for a single performance.


Billie will be attending Fri/Sat/Sun!

Mark-Paul Gosselaar - Sat/Sun

Zach Morris

Mark-Paul Harry Gosselaar is known for his television roles as Zack Morris in Saved by the Bell, Detective John Clark in NYPD Blue, and Peter Bash in Franklin & Bash. He was the lead in the 1998 film Dead Man on Campus, and starred in the 2016 TV series Pitch. He is the lead actor in the 2018 TV series "The Passage".

Gosselaar first came to public notice as the star of the hit television comedy series Saved by the Bell, in which he played Zack Morris, and aired on NBC from 1989 to 1993. His character was adapted from the short-lived Disney Channel sitcom Good Morning, Miss Bliss; although that show was cancelled after one season, NBC executives believed that a similar show, with Zack Morris as the series lead, had potential for success. He reprised the role in two TV movies and a spin-off, Saved by the Bell: The College Years. In 1994, he appeared as Zack Morris in a second spin-off series Saved by the Bell: The New Class in the episode "Goodbye, Bayside – Part 2", along with Mario López as A.C. Slater and Lark Voorhies as Lisa Turtle.

From 2001-05, he played Detective John Clark on ABC's NYPD Blue. After the series ended, he joined the cast of ABC's Commander in Chief. He appeared on the HBO series John from Cincinnati. He then gained the starring role of defense attorney Jerry Kellerman in the Steven Bochco-produced Raising the Bar, which debuted on TNT..


Mark-Paul will be attending Sat/Sun!

Ryan Hurst - Sat/Sun


SOA / Walking Dead

Ryan Hurst is an American actor, best known for his roles as Gerry Bertier in Disney's Remember the Titans, Tom Clark in Taken, Opie Winston in the FX network drama series Sons of Anarchy, as Sergeant Ernie Savage in We Were Soldiers, and as Chick in Bates Motel.

In the 1998 epic war drama film Saving Private Ryan, Hurst portrayed Mandelsohn, a paratrooper who, because of temporary hearing loss, cannot understand Captain Miller's (Tom Hanks) questions about sighting Private Ryan, which forces Miller to ask the questions in writing. Additionally, he appeared in the 2002 war film We Were Soldiers as Sgt. Ernie Savage, played the football player Lump Hudson in the black comedy thriller film The Ladykillers (2004), and starred in the TNT police drama series Wanted (2005). From 2005 to 2007, Hurst gained recognition for portraying the recurring role of Allison DuBois' half-brother, Michael Benoit, in NBC's supernatural procedural drama series Medium.

Hurst's big break came when he was cast as Opie Winston in the FX crime drama series Sons of Anarchy. Originally a recurring cast member in the first season, he was promoted to main cast member for the following season and went on to become a fan favorite. His character, newly released from a five-year prison stint and "living right", but not making ends meet, goes back to Samcro to provide for his family, despite his wife's objections and his knowing the risks. Hurst's portrayal of Opie earned him the 2011 Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor - Series, Miniseries or Television Film. Also in 2011, Hurst voiced Jedidiah in the animated box office hit Rango. Also stars in the series, Outsiders. It was announced in August 2018 that he will star as Beta on The Walking Dead. He made his debut on The Walking Dead in March 2019!


Ryan will be attending Sat/Sun!


Tom Kenny - Fri/Sat/Sun

Spongebob Squarepants

Tom Kenny is an American actor and comedian. He is known for voicing the title character in the SpongeBob SquarePants TV series, video games, and films. Kenny has voiced many other characters including Heffer Wolfe in Rocko's Modern Life; the Ice King in Adventure Time; the Narrator and Mayor in The Powerpuff Girls; Carl Chryniszzswics in Johnny Bravo; Dog in CatDog; and Spyro from the Spyro the Dragon video game series. His live-action work includes the comedy variety shows The Edge and Mr. Show. Kenny has won a Daytime Emmy Award and two Annie Awards for his voice work as SpongeBob SquarePants and the Ice King.

Spongebob Squarepants premiered on May 1, 1999, on Nickelodeon and became a commercial success in 2000, during its second season. Kenny voices other characters on the show including Gary the Snail, the French narrator (a parody of Jacques Cousteau), SpongeBob's father Harold SquarePants, and his live-action portrayal of Patchy the Pirate. In 2010, Kenny received the Annie Award for "Voice Acting in a Television Production" for his role as SpongeBob in SpongeBob's Truth or Square (season 6, episode 23-24). He also voiced SpongeBob in the sequel film released on February 6, 2015. In 2018, he received the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program.


Tom will be attending Fri/Sat/Sun!

Kevin Conroy - Sat/Sun


By 1992, Tim Burton had brought Batman back to life. His first two movies were effective, and Warner Bros. wanted, badly, to leverage demand with Batman: The Animated Series, which originally aired in primetime on Fox, paid for with twice the typical budget for an animated show of its kind. This was a darker and more grownup Batman. And the studio needed a voice for him.

Conroy says. "I decided that the Bruce Wayne persona, the public persona, is the performance, and the Batman character is who he is when he is most natural. When he's putting on the cape, he is becoming himself." Everyone's got issues.


Conroy got the part, but he still had work to do. "The Batman voice was the voice you've heard. But the Bruce Wayne voice was a high, light, playboy voice with a lot of irony and humor in it," he says. "As the studio finished the animation, they realized the show was so dark that Bruce Wayne's light sound was jarring." Conroy was asked to re-record the first five or six episodes, cementing the more subtle voices heard in that series, its spin-offs, and video games ever since.

Kevin will be attending Sat/Sun!


Mike Colter - Sat/Sun

Luke Cage

Mike Colter began playing Marvel’s Luke Cage in the Netflix series Jessica Jones, starring Krysten Ritter, in 2015. Positively received in the role, the series led into a solo Luke Cage series in 2016 followed by a Marvel team-up with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist as The Defenders in 2017. Season 2 of Luke Cage premiered in June, 2018.

Prior to his time in the Marvel television universe, Colter was a cast member of the popular FX anthology series American Horror Story in 2013, appearing in three episodes of the Coven storyline. Following his turn on the horror series, Colter appeared as Agent Locke in the Xbox One series Halo: Nightfall and Halo 5: Guardians.

Colter’s earliest screen work was in the long-running NBC series ER, as well as The Parkers in 2002. Colter was a featured player in the Academy Award-winning Clint Eastwood production, Million Dollar Baby. He returned to television in Law & Order: Trial by Jury and Law & Order: Criminal Intent, before being cast in the film And Then Came Love.

Colter’s work on both the small and big screens eventually led to a recurring role on the Sarah Michelle series Ringer from 2011-2012, and in 2012, he appeared in both Men In Black 3 and Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty.

Born and raised in South Carolina, Colter trained to be an actor from an early age. After earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of South Carolina, Colter attended Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts where he received a MFA in acting.


Mike will be attending Sat/Sun!

Dog & Beth Chapman - Sat/Sun

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Considered one of the greatest bounty hunters in the world by many, this ex-con turned icon could easily be dubbed "The King of Comebacks." Credited with more than 7,000 captures throughout the course of his illustrious 40-year bounty hunting career, Dog continues to prove that people really do change.
Over the course of his legendary career, Dog has been responsible for the capture of notable high-profile criminals such as Quinton Wortham -- the Capital Hill rapist, the Atlanta Child Murderer and a white supremacist convicted of murdering Denver radio shock jock Alan Berg. Dog's career as a bounty hunter gained national attention after catching infamous fugitive and Max Factor Cosmetics heir Andrew Luster who was wanted on 87 counts of rape. The infamy of Luster's capture soon led to many high profile television appearances and later, the long-running reality series Dog the Bounty Hunter.
Dog is the author of two best-selling books -- Where Mercy Is Shown, Mercy Is Given and his memoir You Can Run But You Can't Hide. The memoir debuted on the New York Times best-seller list in the No. 1 position where it remained for several weeks. It garnered great reviews for his candid honesty and detailed personal accounts of overcoming hardships and bettering oneself. When he's not bounty hunting, Dog tours the country giving motivational speeches to crowds by the thousands and participates in the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He is the charity's most requested celebrity and is the proud father of 12 children and 14 grandchildren.
Now, having made bounty hunting his life's work for close to four decades, Dog, his wife and business partner Beth and son, Leland, are back in their new series, Dog and Beth: On the Hunt, as they continue their tireless efforts in bringing the bad guys to justice and encouraging them to turn their lives around.


Dog will be attending Sat/Sun!

Leslie David Baker - Fri/Sat/Sun

Stanley - The Office

Baker had another audition scheduled on the day he was called back for The Office. On his way to the Office audition, he was caught in traffic though producers thought he had been in the bathroom and thanked him for his patience. "By then I was kind of sweaty, my clothes were rumpled, and I was cranky," Baker later said. "The character was written the way I was feeling that day, and I just let 'er rip. Two weeks later I got a call: 'You got the pilot.'

Baker's Office character, Stanley Hudson, is a sales representative for the fictional Dunder Mifflin paper distributor usually portrayed as a defiant, grouchy curmudgeon. It was said that his performance was "a standout" on the show, and with "his monotone voice and calm demeanor, he played well against the off-the-wall nature of many of the other characters." "Did I Stutter?" (season 4, 2008) has a focus on Baker's character; as with many supporting actors on The Office, some of Baker's scenes became memorable to fans. Stanley is rarely, but sometimes, given a "soft side"; in "Stairmageddon" (season 9, 2013), Baker plays a tranquilized, and then giddy, Stanley. At the conclusion of the series, Stanley says he is happy to be living in retirement in Florida.

He was part of the Office cast which won Screen Actors Guild Awards in the Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series category in 2007 and 2008.

Creed Bratton - Fri/Sat/Sun

Creed - The Office

Creed is known for playing a fictional version of himself on The Office on NBC. He is also a musician, formerly with The Grass Roots.

Creed's other television appearances have included Grace and Frankie, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Franklin & Bash, and Adventure Time as the voice of Phlannel Boxingday.

On the big screen, Creed has appeared in Labor Pains, Band of Robbers, The Sound of Magic, Saving Lincoln, and TERRI The Movie.

Creed is also currently touring and promoting his latest album as a solo artist, entitled "While The Young Punks Dance."


Creed will be attending Fri/Sat/Sun!

Oscar Nunez - Fri/Sat/Sun

Oscar - The Office

Oscar Núñez is a Cuban-American actor and comedian. Nunez is best known for his role as Dunder Mifflin accountant Oscar Martinez on NBC’s The Office.
Nunez started his comedy career in New York, performing over 300 shows with The Shock of the Funny theater company. The troupe was active in the East Village for several years. In addition to his work with Shock, Nunez appeared in theater in New York and Washington, D.C. before moving to Los Angeles in the mid-1990s LA, he joined The Groundlings and performed in their Sunday Company.
Nunez’s television credits include Malcolm in the Middle, 24, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Reno 911!, The District and Mad TV, in addition to his role on The Office. He was also the creator and executive producer of the Comedy Central series Halfway Home, in which he co-starred as the character Eulogio Pla. His film credits include The Italian Job (as a security guard), Reno 911!: Miami, and When Do We Eat?. In 2009, Nunez played the role of Ramon, the caterer, stripper, soda jerk, and finally clergy performing the wedding ceremony in The Proposal. In 2012, Nunez played the role of Jose Baez, an attorney in the Lifetime movie Prosecuting Casey Anthony.


Oscar will be attending Fri/Sat/Sun!

Kate Flannery - Fri/Sat/Sun

Meredith - The Office

Kate Flannery, best known for playing the role of Meredith Palmer on the NBC series The Office, is a film, television, and stage actress who also does voice work, improv, and sings.
Before The Office, she made appearances on The Bernie Mac Show, Boomtown, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Flannery was a talent scout on Last Comic Standing (with her Office costar Brian Baumgartner), appeared on Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place as Elaine Finkle, recurred on ABC's American Housewife as Crossing Guard Sandy, appeared on FOX's New Girl, MTV's Mary+Jane, and in 2017 recurred on Cartoon Network's Steven Universe as Sadie's mom Barbara Miller. Kate can currently be heard voicing Carol on the show OK K.O.! Let's be Heroes.
The Lampshades, her cult comedy lounge act with veteran improviser Scot Robinson, has been running in Hollywood and in comedy festivals all over the country since 2001 and was seen at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado.
Flannery has been touring with Jane Lynch as her sidekick on stage since 2013 in her show See Jane Sing with Tim Davis and the Tony Guerrero Quintet, playing the Kennedy Center, Joe's Pub, the Borgata and 30 cities. Flannery was in the long running New York hit, Nora Ephron's Love, Loss, and What I Wore. She also played Neely O'Hara in Off Broadway hit Valley of the Dolls at the Circle in the Square Theatre in New York City and Los Angeles.


Kate will be attending Fri/Sat/Sun!

Sting - Sunday Only

WWE Superstar

Often dubbed “The Franchise of WCW,” the man called Sting is one of the most recognizable and unique faces in sports-entertainment history. It was that distinction that made him the backbone of the Atlanta-based organization throughout the late 1980s until the end of WCW in 2001.

Beginning with his NWA debut in 1987, Sting brought an enormous amount of charisma to the ring with his bleach blond hair, colorful face paint and neon ring gear. However, at the inaugural Clash of the Champions, a 45-minute time limit draw against NWA World Champion Ric Flair proved The Stinger was on his way to becoming one of sports-entertainment’s elite. Eventually, Sting defeated Flair for the NWA Title, and would later add six WCW World Titles, three WCW Tag Team Championships, two WCW International World Titles and two United States Championships to his resume throughout his career. 

Though The Stinger often likes to say "the only thing sure about Sting is that nothing is for sure," there is one thing nobody can deny - that Sting has had a Hall of Fame-worthy career. That was confirmed on the eve of WrestleMania 32, when he joined the WWE Hall of Fame as a member of the Class of 2016.


Sting will be attending SUNDAY ONLY this year!

Edge - Fri/Sat

WWE Superstar

Adam Copeland is an actor and retired professional wrestler, who wrestled as Edge in the WWE. He starred as one of the leads in the fifth season of the popular television series Haven on Syfy. He is now starring as Kjetill Flatnose, a recurring character on the hit History Channel series Vikings. Canadian-born, Copeland's life in wrestling spanned two decades, and through his long and decorated career as "Edge", Copeland entertained millions of fans internationally while winning 31 championships overall in WWE - the most by any wrestler ever - including 11 world heavyweight championships. Copeland became the youngest wrestler ever inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in March 2012. As an actor, Copeland appeared in an installment of the popular film franchise Highlander: Endgame, and also starred in the WWE produced, Bending the Rules opposite Jamie Kennedy. Copeland's television appearances include a recurring guest arc on Sanctuary, and numerous appearances as Edge in shows such as Clash Time, the Weakest link, Mind of Mencia, Deal Or No Deal, and MADtv to name a few. Copeland's autobiography, Adam Copeland on Edge, was a New York Times bestseller, Copeland has a massive and dedicated international fan base, with a twitter following of over 1.1 million, and growing daily. He lives in the mountains of Asheville, NC, where he spends his time hiking, biking, and cuddling with his family. 

Christian - Fri/Sat

WWE Superstar

William Jason Reso  is a Canadian actor and retired professional wrestler, best known for his time with WWE under the ring name Christian, a shortened version of his original ring name Christian Cage that was also used during his tenure in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). Reso made his professional wrestling debut in June 1995.
In 1998, Reso signed a developmental deal with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and was rebranded as the storyline brother of Edge, Copeland's WWF persona. Reso made his debut the following year and immediately captured his first title in the company, the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship. Edge and Christian gained notoriety as a tag team for their participation in Tables, Ladders and Chairs matches and winning the WWF Tag Team Championship on seven different occasions. The team parted ways in 2001, after which Reso held various heavyweight singles titles, including the European Championship, the Hardcore Championship and the Intercontinental Championship.
In November 2005, Reso signed with TNA under his Christian Cage ring name, where he won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship twice. Reso left TNA in late 2008 and re-signed with WWE, whee he won the ECW Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship twice each. He is the twenty-third Triple Crown Champion and the eleventh Grand Slam Champion in WWE history. 


Christian will be attending Fri/Sat!

Kane - Sat/Sun

WWE Superstar

Glenn Jacobs began his professional wrestling career on the independent circuit in 1992, wrestling in promotions such as Smoky Mountain Wrestling  (SMW) and the United States Wrestling Association (USWA) before joining the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) in 1995. Jacobs played various characters until 1997, when he was repackaged as Kane, the mentally disturbed, pyromaniacal younger half-brother of The Undertaker, with whom Jacobs would alternatively feud or team as The Brothers of Destruction.

Following his debut, Kane remained a pivotal component of the WWF's "Attitude Era" of the late 1990s and early 2000s, defeating the era's "poster boy" Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF Championship  in his first pay-per-view (PPV) main event at King of the Ring in June 1998. He has continued to headline PPV cards through 2018, and has appeared in more of such events than any other performer in WWF/WWE history.

Within WWE, Kane is a three-time world champion (having held the WWF Championship, ECW Championship and World Heavyweight Championship once each) and a 12-time world tag team champion. He is also a two-time Intercontinental Champion and a Money in the Bank winner, as well as the third man to complete WWE's Grand Slam. Kane holds the record for cumulative Royal Rumble match eliminations at 44.


Kane will be attending Saturday & Sunday only this year!




Ruth Connell - Fri/Sat/ Sun


Ruth can currently be seen playing 'Rowena' on 'Supernatural' as one of the longest recurring characters in the show! She can also be heard as 'Princess Merida' in Disney Pixar video games and guest starring in Sofia the First. Ruth graduated from Rose Bruford drama college in London as 'Critics Choice'. An extensive theatre career includes a 'Best Leading Actress' nomination for her portrayal of Mrs Darling and Captain Hook in 'Peter Pan; The Boy Who Hated Mothers' at The Blank Theater. Born in Scotland, she currently resides in Los Angeles.

Michael Biehn - Fri/Sat/Sun

Johnny Ringo

Michael Biehn was born in Anniston, Alabama.. He grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska, and at age 14 moved with his family to Lake Havasu, Arizona, where he won a drama scholarship to the University of Arizona. He left prematurely two years later to pursue an acting career in Hollywood. His first big role was as a psychotic fan stalking Lauren Bacall in The Fan (1981) and later appeared in The Lords of Discipline (1983). He hit the big-time when he was cast as Kyle Reese, the man sent back through time to stop Arnold Schwarzenegger in James Cameron's The Terminator (1984). This established a good working relationship with Cameron, a relationship that should have catapulted Biehn to international stardom. He starred in Cameron's subsequent films, Aliens (1986) and The Abyss (1989), the latter a standout performance as unstable Navy SEAL officer Lt. Hiram Coffey. In the 1990s he starred in films like Navy Seals (1990), K2 (1991) and was particularly memorable as Johnny Ringo in Tombstone (1993). Biehn is married and the father of four sons.


Michael will be attending on Fri/Sat/Sun this year!

Leland Chapman

Bounty Hunter

Leland Blane Chapman is an American bail bondsman and bounty hunter, known as one of the stars of the A&E Network reality television program Dog the Bounty Hunter. He also starred in the Country Music Television television documentary Dog and Beth: On the Hunt.

Holly Marie Combs - Fri/Sat/Sun

Piper - Charmed

Holly Marie Combs is an American actress and television producer. She is known for her roles as Kimberly Brock in the CBS series Picket Fences (1992–1996), Piper Halliwell in The WB series Charmed (1998–2006) and Ella Montgomery in the Freeform series Pretty Little Liars (2010–2017).

In 1998, Combs landed a lead role in The WB television series Charmed, in which she portrayed Piper Halliwell, the middle of three sisters who are witches. Following Shannen Doherty's departure after season three (2000–01), Combs's character became the eldest sister for the remaining five seasons of the show. Combs also became a producer for Charmed from season five onwards. The series ended its eight-season run on May 21, 2006. In 2007 and 2008, AOL named Combs's character Piper the third greatest witch in television history. Combs was the only cast member to appear in every episode of the series, including the original unaired pilot.

In 2010, Combs was cast in the Freeform series Pretty Little Liars as Ella Montgomery, the mother of one of the main characters, Aria Montgomery (played by Lucy Hale). Combs was a series regular for the first three seasons, but became credited as a special guest star from season four onwards.


Holly will be attending Fri/Sat/Sun!

Sam Jones - Fri/Sat/ Sun

Flash Gordon

Sam has over 60 films and hundreds of television shows to his credit. He is best known as Flash Gordon, The Spirit, The Highwayman, SG-1’s The Bounty Hunter, Ted and Ted 2.

Sam’s 2019 films for release are Edgar Allen Poe’s Decapitarium, One of the Good Ones, Fury of the 
Fist and the Golden Fleece, Axcellerator, The Silent Natural and Life After Flash, The Documentary.

As a former Marine and security professional (providing all relevant services for protecting dignitaries throughout the globe), Sam brings a rare and unique quality to the film industry.

Dustin Rhodes - Sat/Sun


Beneath the platinum blond wig, sleek latex and gobs of gold face paint is the son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes; Dustin Patrick Rhodes. Good luck trying to understand him, though. Goldust is a twisted enigma wrapped in a package of many surprises — or, as some of his past rivals probably would describe him, "a sick freak."

The WWE Universe has been taken on a long, fascinating trip since The Bizarre One first strutted his bedazzled stuff in 1995. With an envelope-pushing style that predated the scandalous Attitude Era, Goldust instantly became a Superstar to watch and an oddity to fear. When the cameras were rolling on him, you got the sense anything could happen.

After winning his debut match against Marty Jannetty at In Your House in ’95, he soon turned his attention to a polar opposite, a greased slice of oozing machismo known as Razor Ramon. Seemingly at will, as would be the norm with "The Prince of Perversion," he prodded and manipulated Razor's mind like a chunk of Silly Putty. Capitalizing on his unusual tactics, Goldust defeated "The Bad Guy" at WWE Royal Rumble 1996 to win the Intercontinental Championship.



Dustin will be attending Sat/Sun!

Emma Caulfield - Fri/Sat/Sun

Anya - BTVS

Emma is an award winning actress known for her starring role as the young and beautiful demon-turned-mortal, "Anya" on the hit series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1996) starting in 1999. Caulfield's role originally started out as a guest, demon-of-the-week, appearance in a December 1998 episode. She was called back for a few more guest spots for plot reasons, which is when Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy, realized her talent. She appeared in most of the episodes the following season, and after that, was promoted to a full time series regular. Caulfield's humor and levity was a favorite among critics and added a comedic dimension to the show, which made its final bow in May 2003.

James Marsters - Fri/Sat/Sun

Spike - BTVS

JAMES MARSTERS became a favorite of fans around the world when he played the wildly popular Spike, a punk-goth vampire on the critically acclaimed American TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. After six seasons on Buffy, he continued the role of Spike on the equally popular spin-off, Angel. Not only a fan favorite, Marsters has attracted industry-wide attention for his work. He has received numerous nominations and awards, including the Spacey Award, the Saturn Award, the Cinescape Face of the Future Award, the Golden Satellite Award, and the Teen Choice Award.

Marsters has since returned to television, starring in the USA Original true-crime film, Cool Money, portraying Brainiac in the 2005-06 season of Smallville, and guest starring roles in The Mountain, Saving Grace and Without a Trace.


Marsters is also a successful singer/songwriter who for two years was the front man of Ghost of the Robot, a band that enjoyed sold-out tours on an international level before disbanding in the spring of 2004. In October of 2004, Marsters' musical interests took yet another exciting turn as he discovered a new joy and talent in performing solo acoustic concerts of his own material.


James will be attending Fri/Sat/& Sun and will be performing an acoustic concert on Saturday night as a separate ticketed event.


Tickets for the concert are available here!

Jason David Frank - Sat/Sun

Tommy Oliver

Jason David Frank is best known for his role of Tommy Oliver in The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He has been The Green Ranger, White Ranger, Red Zeo Ranger, Red Turbo Ranger, and Black DinoThunder Ranger. He also starred in the web reality series “My Morphing Life”, and as Bloodshot in Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe.

Jason David Frank is also an accomplished martial artist with 34 years experience, and currently holds a seventh degree black belt in American Karate, and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In February 2013, Frank received the title of Master of Muay Thai by the world-renowned Muay Thai trainer Grand Master Toddy. He is the owner and operator of Rising Sun Karate and MMA, with three schools in Texas and one in California.

Jason was the first guest that we ever booked here in Lexington. We firmly believe that without him, this thing we do would have never taken off as it did! We are forever indebted to him and consider him a part of the family!


Jason will be attending Sat/Sun!


Karan Ashley - Fri/Sat/ Sun

MMPR - Yellow

Karan Ashley has had a career that has span over 20 years as an actress, singer, radio show host, reality star, writer and TV and film producer. She began her entertainment career as a child singer in the girl group KRUSH but her big break came when she went to an open call audition and landed the role of Aisha the Yellow Power Rangers on Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. She was able to do over 80 episodes and star in the hit movie “Power Rangers the Movie”.

Since Power Rangers she has been on many different TV shows and films such as, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, The Steve Harvey Show, One on One, The Parkers, Kenan & Kel, Chat Room, The Opposite Sex, Taylor’s Wall, Wicked Weekend, Jazz Scene, The Encounter and many other projects.

We consider Karan to be the perfect convention guest! She is a fan favorite every year! 


Karan will be attending Fri/Sat/Sun!


Austin St John - Thurs/Fri

OG Red Ranger

At age five, Austin began practicing martial arts. He holds a second degree black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do and a first degree black belt in Judo. He loves baseball, sushi, and most importantly, his fans. But beyond all other aspects of his life by far, Austin is best known for his role as the Original Red Ranger in every country out side of Japan in the Power Rangers franchise.
When he began his role as Jason Lee Scott (the Red Ranger in the hit series “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” and the Gold Ranger in “Power Rangers Zeo”), he had no idea it would lead him to where he is today. Very few people have enjoyed the same level of notoriety from a single role than has Austin St. John. Since his time on Power Rangers, he has dedicated his life to his community, country and his fans.
Austin spent 16 years in the Fire Dept as Paramedic running 911 calls to people in need at their worst and some times final hour. Four of his years as a medic in the Middle East for the War. He retired in 2014 and re-fell in love with all that the show and its fans represent even more than before! From Movies, TV, Comicon appearances and providing memorabilia, he has spent his time doing as much as he possibly can for his fans, to whom he attributes his success. The love fans share for the show inspires Austin to always deliver at the highest level. 


Austin will be attending Thur/Fri!

Johnny Yong Bosch - Fri/Sat/ Sun

Voice Actor / Power Ranger

Johnny Yong Bosch got his start fighting giant bugs as Adam Park, the Black Ranger, Green Zeo and Green Turbo Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It is a role that he would play for three and a half seasons on television, two motion pictures and two special guest appearances in future Power Rangers seasons.
After Power Rangers, Johnny became very involved in the world of voice over. His first major voice acting role was Vash the Stampede in Trigun. He later went on to voice Kaneda in Akira, Renton in Eureka Seven, Albert in The Count of Monte Cristo, Kiba in Wolf's Rain, Itsuki in The Melancholy of Haurhi Suzumiya, Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach, Lelouch Lamperouge in Code Geass, Izaya in Durarara and Yukio in Blue Exorcist, Sasori in Naruto, Guren in Tenkai Knights, Nobita in Doraemon, Artemis in Sailor Moon, Nagate in the Netflix Original "Knights of Sidonia”, Nate in Yokai Watch and many more.
Johnny’s voice can also be heard in numerous video games. Providing voices for Nero in Devil May Cry 4, Kuhn in .hack//G.U., Adachi/Narukami in Persona 4, Almaz in Disgaea 3, Emil in Tales of Symphonia, Guy in Tales of the Abyss, Firion in Final Fantasy Dissidia, Bumblebee in Transformers: War for Cybertron, Yang in Street Fighter IV, Zero in Marvel VS Capcom 3. Yukimura in Sengoku Basara, Torian Cadera in Star Wars The Old Republic and Kung Jin in Mortal Kombat X.


Johnny will be attending Fri/Sat/Sun!



Glozell Green - Sat/Sun

Queen of YouTube

GloZell Green is a classically trained performer and Internet personality who has dedicated herself 
to making people laugh. The comedienne established her YouTube channel in 2008, which today boasts 
more than 4.2 million subscribers and a whopping 711 million views and counting, aptly earning her 
the “Queen of YouTube” title.
Green’s YouTube channel features over 2,000 videos that include interviews, comedy about her life,
song parodies and more. Five of her videos have been viewed more than 10 million times, and her 
Cinnamon Challenge video alone garnered over 45 million views. Her crazy stunts and comedic 
prowess have propelled her into the ranks of legendary funny ladies and have made her an inspiring 
icon for a new generation.
Green’s YouTube platform established her as pop culture fixture, earning her the distinct honor of  interviewing President Barak Obama at the White House in January 2015.

Glozell will be attending Sat/Sun!

Walter Koenig - Sat/Sun

Pavel Checkov

Walter Koenig is best known for his roles as ‘Pavel Chekov’ in the original Star Trek series, and as
‘Alfred Bester’ in Babylon 5.
The American actor, born in Chicago, Illinois spent the majority of his childhood in Manhattan, New
York. In college he majored in pre-med, receiving a BA in psychology. It was during this time that he
was encouraged to try his hand at acting; joining the theatre with fellow classmate, Supa-Star Christopher Lloyd, and beginning a career in stage and screen that would span more than 50 years.
In the 1960s Walter appeared in several television shows, including General Hospital and The Alfred
Hitchcock Hour. In 1967 he auditioned for the role of ‘Ensign Pavel Chekov’, navigator on the USS Enterprise, in the original Star Trek television series. His resemblance to musician Davy Jones (of Monkees fame) guaranteed him the role, producers hoping his good looks would appeal to younger audience and attract more viewers. In the ’90s Walter landed a recurring role as ‘Alfred Bester’ in the television series, Babylon 5. After filming the third season, the production company applied for an Emmy nomination on his behalf. He reprised the role in the spin-off series, Crusade.
Koenig’s film credits include all of the Star Trek movies featuring the original cast, while his television
movie credits include Antony and Cleopatra (as ‘Pompey’), Goodbye, Raggedy Ann, and The
Questor Tapes.
Walter released his autobiography, Warped Factors – A Neurotic’s Guide to the Universe in 1998.


Walter will be attending Sat/Sun!

Joonas Suotamo- Fri/Sat/Sun


Joonas Suotamo is a Finnish actor and former professional basketball player. He is best known for his role as Chewbacca in the Star Wars saga, taking over the role from Peter Mayhew, first as a body double, with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and later as the lead in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story.


Joonas will be attending Fri/Sat/Sun!


Kel Mitchell - Sat/Sun

GoodBurger / Game Shakers

Two-time Emmy Award-nominated Kel Mitchell stars as Double G, an impulsive and unpredictable billionaire rapper. He becomes a business partner in Babe and Kenzie’s gaming company and with their help rediscovers his love for games. Hailing from the Windy City of Chicago, Ill., Mitchell began his acting career at a young age and won several awards for his career for the Nickelodeon breakout hits “All That” and “Kenan and Kel.” Recently, Mitchell began doing standup comedy, and is on a nationwide tour preparing for his one-hour special. Mitchell’s voiceover credits include voicing “Jay Jay” on the Nicktoon’s series Wild Grinders, and “Tiny Pea” on the cartoon series VeggieTales. Other acting credits include TRU TV’s Friends of the People, Cartoon Network’s Loiter Squad, TV One’s Love That Girl Disney’s Liv & Maddie and the Nickelodeon series Sam & Cat and The Thundermans. Mitchell has written and directed a faith-based anti-bullying film, and has also directed several music videos. When he is not acting, writing or directing, Mitchell speaks to youth across the country encouraging them to follow their dreams. He and his wife, Asia Lee-Mitchell, were recently honored with an award from the “Carson Black Chambers of Commerce” for providing a safe program for kids to show off their creative talents in their dance variety live show, The Back House Party. Mitchell is also the spokesperson for “The Black College Expo,” which provides numerous scholarships for students throughout the year.


Kel will be attending Sat/Sun!





Nicholas Brendon - Fri & Sun

Xander - BTVS

Nicholas Brendon is an American actor and writer. He was born three minutes after his identical twin brother, actor Kelly Donovan on April 12, 1971 in Los Angeles, California. He attended Chatsworth High School, where he was also a starter on the baseball team. He had dreams of playing for the L.A. Dodgers, but had to pursue other options when he hurt his arm about a year after graduating high school.

He got his big break as an actor when he landed the role of Xander Harris on the hugely successful TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


The series ran from 1997 until 2003, garnering a huge cult following as well as a large fan base for Brendon. Brendon and brother Kelly appeared together in the episode “The Replacement”, in which Xander has to cope with having a seemingly sinister double.


In 2007, Brendon began appearing on the popular TV series Criminal Minds in the recurring role of FBI technical analyst Kevin Lynch. He appeared in episodes in each season through the tenth season.


Nicholas will be attending on FRIDAY & SUNDAY ONLY this year!

Amber Benson - Fri/Sat/Sun

Tara - BTVS

Amber Benson is a “maker of things.” A prolific writer, she is the author of the Calliope Reaper-Jones urban fantasy series for Penguin, the Echo Park Coven series, and the middle-grade book Among The Ghosts, for Simon and Schuster.

Behind the camera, she co-directed the Slamdance feature film Drones, and (co-wrote) and directed the BBC animated series The Ghosts of Albion. In her previous incarnation as an actor, Benson spent three years as Tara Maclay on the cult television series Buffy The Vampire Slayer and has guest-starred on numerous series, including Supernatural and Grey's Anatomy.

Amber does not own a television.

James Leary - Fri/Sat/Sun

Clem - BTVS

James C. Leary’s television credits include a two-year stint as Clem, the loose-skinned demon on the critically acclaimed hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. James turned the original five-line part at the beginning of season six into a regular recurring role and was soon a fan favorite. He also had roles in HBO’s The Comeback, with Lisa Kudrow, and NBC’s Passions.
He was also the Mustachioed Madman making rash decisions in the "I Feel Great" Nutrigrain commercial which hit a cultural nerve in the pre-YouTube internet days, logging over 22 million views. 

James co-wrote, co-produced and co-starred in the award-winning short film Stunt C*cks, a light-hearted spoof of the adult entertainment industry, with co-stars Lou Diamond Phillips, Scott Thompson and Ron Jeremy. The film played to sold-out crowds at film festivals around the country and won the audience award for best short film at the Deep Ellum film festival.

James is appearing courtesy of "Project Fan Care"

Jim Swearingen - Fri/Sat/Sun

Kenner Designer

James (Jim) Swearingen was born and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. As a young man his interest in art and design led him to the five-year professional practice program at the University Of Cincinnati. Over those five years he worked at General Motors, Phillips/Norelco and a small toy company, Rainbow Crafts where PlayDoh was invented. He began his professional career in 1972 at Kenner Product located in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Over his tenure at Kenner he worked on many toy lines including Spirograph, Easy Bake Oven, PlayDoh and more. In the mid-1970's the Preliminary Design was formed under the direction of Dave Okada. The department was formed and charged with developing new product concepts and reviewing television and movie properties looking for great products. "The Six Million Dollar Man” television show was one of Jim’s entertainment based product design projects.
In early 1977 as a Senior Designer Jim was instrumental in Kenner's acquisition of the Lucas Film, Star Wars license and the development of the toy line. In 1980 he moved from the Preliminary Design Department to a position as Marketing Product Manager working on the pre-school line and then taking on the Strawberry Shortcake line, from American Greeting, for five years.
In 1985 Jim moved to Hasbro Toys in Rhode Island as Marketing Director working on the introduction of a number of girls toy lines including Jem, Moon Dreamers and a few more.

Jessica Rey - Fri/Sat/Sun

Wild Force - White Ranger

Jessica Rey is an American actress and designer. She is perhaps best known for her role as Alyssa Enrilé / White Wild Force Ranger in the TV series Power Rangers Wild Force. She is also the founder and CEO of Rey Swimwear.

Rey was born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky and moved with her parents at age three to Orange County, California. She graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a BA in accounting. She then moved to Los Angeles, where she earned an MBA in marketing at Loyola Marymount University. She worked in a TV production company where people encouraged her to act. She has appeared in commercials for Time Warner and Gillette Tag Body Spray and in print-ads for T-Mobile and Verizon.

Rey played Alyssa Enrile/White Wild Force Ranger in the TV series Power Rangers Wild Force. She has been cast in a role on the sit-com Rules of Engagement.

She started a retail company selling swimwear using the actress Audrey Hepburn as inspiration for her designs.

Jessica will be appearing at the Rangerstop booth on the Rupp Arena floor on Friday, Saturday and Sunday this year!


Mark Dodson - Fri Only!

Salacious Crumb

Now in Star Wars Episode VII "The Force Awakens" as the laugh of Cratinus in Maz Kanata's Castle, Storm Troopers and many background voices, Mark Dodson is best known for Star Wars Episode VI "Return of the Jedi" as the voice of Jabba the Hutt's cackling court jester, Salacious Crumb. From the Star Wars galaxy "Ewoks: The Battle
for Endore" he is the voice of Ewok, Teek Named by horror fans as, The voice of their childhood nightmares, for the mischievous mogwais and gremlins in "Gremlins" and "Gremlins 2."
He is the voices of many of the zombies in the godfather of zombie films, George Romero's, 1985 cult classic, "Day of the Dead."
With more than 30 years as a voice actor, Mark continues to add his unique style of character voices to video games like "Star Trek Online," "Nancy Drew," "Dungeons and
Dragons Neverwinter," "Heroes of Newerth," "Smashmuck Monsters," "Lucius," and hundreds of other titles.

Jason Narvy - Fri/Sat/Sun

MMPR - Skull

Jason Narvy portrayed the role of “Skull” in over 300 episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and its spin-offs, Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers Turbo, and Power Rangers in Space, as well as 40 episodes of Fox Television’s Masked Rider as the voice of “Chopper.” While under contract with Fox, Jason also filmed two feature length films under the MMPR franchise, Power Rangers: The Movie and Turbo, as well as leads parts in two pilots for Fox/Family.

Jason turned his attention to the stage in recent years and has acted and directed in theaters around the country. He is now based in Chicago where he is Artistic Director for ACT and Assistant Professor of Theater at Concordia University Chicago. Dr. Narvy holds a Master of Letters in Shakespearean Performance from Mary Baldwin College and a PhD in Theater Studies from the University of California.


Jason will be attending Fri/Sat/Sun!

Catherine Sutherland - Fri/Sat

Pink MMPR Ranger

Catherine Sutherland is best known for her role as The Pink Power Ranger, Katherine “Kat” Hillard in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, and Power Rangers Turbo. Catherine has also starred in The Cell (Feature Film), Dream Factory (TV Show), America’s Most Wanted (TV Show), On The Beach (TV Movie), State Coroner (TV Series), Pitfall 3-D: Beyond the Jungle (Video Game) , Sweet Valley High (TV Series), and Snowy River: The McGregor Saga (TV Series).

Catherine was the second Pink Ranger starting in season three, reprising the role in season four, Power Rangers: Zeo, and season five, Power Rangers: Turbo. As well, she appeared in the movie that connected the two seasons. She has done voice overs for various characters on Power Rangers in the years since, including: Machine Empire General Tezzla in the Power Rangers: Wild Force episode “Forever Red.”

Catherine has been with us since day 1 here in Lexington and has never missed a show. We wouldn't dream of having a show without her!


Cat will be attending Fri/Sat!




Richard Hatch - Friday Only!

The First Survivor

Richard Hatch is an American former reality television contestant. In 2000, he won the first season of the CBS reality series Survivor. He was a contestant on a subsequent All-Stars season of Survivor, on one season of Celebrity Apprentice, and on one season of The Biggest Loser


TV Guide included him in its 2013 list of "The 60 Nastiest Villains of All Time". He was one of 16 contestants on The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation.


Richard will be attending Thurs/Fri!

Justin Briner - Fri/Sat/Sun

My Hero Academia!

Justin Briner is an American voice actor. He has provided voices for a number of English-language dubs of Japanese anime films and television series, primarily with those affiliated with the Funimation simuldub service. Briner is known for voicing lead and main characters in Seraph of the End, Heavy Object, My Hero Academia, Garo: The Animation, and Trickster. He also voiced the main character's love interest Ichi in the 2015 video game Cibele.


Justin will be attending Fri/Sat/Sun!

Alexis Tipton - Fri/Sat/Sun

Anime Voice Actor

Alexis Tipton is an American voice actress affiliated with Funimation. She has provided voices for English-language versions of Japanese anime films and television series. Some of her lead roles in anime include Sun Seto in My Bride is a Mermaid, Mizuki Himeji in Baka and Test, Emi Kizaki in Linebarrels of Iron, Musubi in Sekirei, Moka Akashiya in Rosario + Vampire, Saya Kisaragi in Blood-C, Anya Hepburn in Soul Eater Not!, Inori Yuzuriha in Guilty Crown, Julia Crichton in Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos, Kurumi Tokisaki in Date A Live and Millianna in Fairy Tail. 

She is currently voicing "Trunks" in Dragon Ball Super!


Alexis will be attending Fri/Sat/Sun!

Charlie Adler - Fri/Sat/Sun

Voice Actor

As a Voice Actor, Adler can be heard as series regulars in well over 100 animated series often playing opposite himself. He was nominated for an Annie Award for his multiple roles as Cow, Chicken and the Red Guy in the Emmy Nominated series "Cow and Chicken", was Baboon in "I.M. Weasel" and can be heard playing 5 roles (including Cobra Commander) in the "GI Joe Resolute" Internet series as well as reprising Cobra Commander in Hasbro's "GI Joe Origins" on the HUB. He is the voice of Starscream in the Michael Bay mega blockbuster Transformers Movie Trilogy and has reprised his role of Starscream for the 2012 Universal Theme Park "Transformers Ride". Some other notable characters of Adler's are Buster Bunny in Steven Spielberg's "Tiny Toon Adventures," Ickis in "AAAHH!!! Real Monsters" and Ed and Bev Bighead in "Rocko's Modern Life." He has also been an original "Smurf", was an original "G.I. Joe", an original "Transformer", a "Glow Friend" ,was 3 roles in original "My Little Pony " series(Spike the Baby Dragon, Moochick, Trundle King)and was in Ralph Bakshi's cult classic "Cool World" playing opposite Kim Bassinger and Brad Pitt as Nails Pitt's neurotic sidekick. Named one of the "Top 13 All Time Voice-Over Artists" by Animation Magazine and "Voice of The Decade" by Animation World News(2000), Adler is at the undisputed top of the animation world. 


Charlie will be attending Fri/Sat/Sun!


Supernatural Impala

1967 Impala

Nearly 6 years ago Jason Waller told me he had bought this beast. Since then he has painstakingly restored it to a near perfect replica of the 67 Impala that Sam & Dean Winchester chase demons in on the hit TV series Supernatural.


We are thrilled to see the fully restored ride this year and are sure you will be too!


Cosplay Guest

Ani-Mia has been cosplaying since 2008 but has been a geek since birth. Her love for video games, comic books and anime are reflected in her wide variety of cosplay costumes. She has been a Cosplay Guest at over 150 conventions across the globe as well as judged championship cosplay contests, appeared in both online and print magazines as well as television appearances. She’s also the Cosplay Writer for Otaku USA Magazine, the premiere print magazine about anime and manga in the United States, and the official video host for PreviewsWorld. She has also been featured on the cover of Vampirella and Archie Comics. The one thing she really wants to do is help bring the community together as a whole to encourage each other as well as help others; and she has spearheaded numerous philanthropic events annually to help do this.  


Mia will be attending Fri/Sat/Sun!

MPoppins Cosplay

Cosplay Guest

Mary Stephens has been competing in cosplay for 5 years and has won numerous awards including best needlework, category firsts, and best in shows.  She is best known for her Duchess Satine Kryze cosplay but enjoys creating costumes from many fandoms including Star Wars, movies, comics, Disney, and TV shows.  She does cosplay appearances locally and has recently expanded to being a cosplay guest and judge at local competitions. She’s passionate about cosplay being open to everyone.  She’s an administrator of the Cincinnati Ohio area chapter of ORCS, (Ohio River Valley Cosplayers), a Facebook group that networks local cosplayers together to support and help each other with their cosplays.  She also helped found a cosplay club in the Cincinnati area that organizes cosplayers to meet up, network, and learn new skills together.  Her favorite character to cosplay of course, is Mary Poppins.

Guest Terms & Conditions


All guest appearances are confirmed but guest schedules are always subject to change. We will NOT guarantee appearances but we will always try to tell you in advance of any changes to the guest line-up.


Most guests will charge a nominal fee for autographs and those fees are at the sole discretion of the particular guest in question. In general they will range from free all the way up to $100 per autograph. We DO NOT set, monitor or control pricing of autographs.


All guests are scheduled to appear all three days unless noted but signing times may vary. These times are set almost on the fly as demand dictates. (i.e. if a star has no line, they may take lunch and when the line builds up, they may come back..)


Photos are also at the sole discretion of each guest. Some may allow in booth photos, others may not.



If you have any questions please email us!



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Ron Perlman